Science Fiction reviews

If you are looking for honest and fair reviews, you have come to the right place. If you are not, and are just curious on Science Fiction books, you are the most welcome! If you are looking for new SF authors to read, this selection of books and stories is for your use.

I am starting this blog to review Science Fiction books of new authors, Indie books, those books you can easily get today as ebooks, but you feel you don’t know what’s in. Everything here is my opinion and perception, and while feedback is welcome, I am not accepting trades that would affect the reviews. They are and will remain non-biased, other than by my own take.

Writers, if you’d like me to review your books or short stories, please check the About details.


Welcome, and enjoy the ride!

4 thoughts on “Science Fiction reviews

    • Thank you for your interest and the kind words! There is no cost. I love reading, in particular science fiction, and I support indie publishing. I think people should know about the great SF books written nowadays, and my reviews will be a part of that.
      You can use Smashwords if you’d like. I really appreciate their conversion to multiple ebook formats, it makes things so easy. This is my Smashwords account:
      Please do tell if it doesn’t suit your preferences. If you’d like me to review one of your books, I can find alternative ways.

      • Smashwords is great! My eBooks are on Smashwords and on Amazon Kindle. I like Smashwords because I can issue free coupon codes easily, and readers can download the eBooks in all formats. I don’t know how to offer freebies on Kindle,

        If you would like to review my latest short story, Sevenfold, feel free to use Smashwords coupon code AS64X, valid until September 17, 2013, for a free copy. You can use the coupon unlimited times and share it with anyone you like. Enter the coupon code AS64X during checkout at:

        My Smashwords profile, including author interview:



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