For Writers:

I am an avid Science Fiction reader. I will review your Science Fiction, Steampunk, Cyberpunk book, once I agree to. I love alternative histories and time travel books, and books presenting theories well grounded in the science of our time. If your book contains or touches those, all chances are I will accept it on place! Please send me your book, and I will take the time to read it and review it on this site. I also post reviews on Smashwords and Goodreads.

I do not write offending posts. But I do write negative points about a book, and I do my best to point them out for the authors to perhaps use to improve their style, and for readers to be aware what they will be reading. Sometimes, what is negative for me will be an irrelevant or positive point for others. Thankfully, we do not always agree.

I do not take nor give money when I am asked for a review.

Reading and reviewing take time. I have no guarantee how long, but if I accepted your book, I will review it publicly. Please allow me some leeway, I do not like to write in a rush, and the result will be better if you let me take my time.

Please use my Smashwords account to send me your book. You are welcome to contact me on my Goodreads account, and on this site, should you wish other forms.

Please note that I cannot easily read books with many grammar or spelling errors. I advise you do not send me those, unless you want this aspect clearly negatively tagged as such. The occasional issue may happen in any book, including traditionally published, but if your book is clearly not edited or proofread, I will not finish it and I will not recommend it. The target of the site is first your potential readers, and I will be honest with them. I strongly believe that it’s cleanliness and quality of writing which will make a good name for non-traditional publishing, and only books which pass the threshold are my candidates for reviews of 3-stars or more.

For Readers:

This reviews site is dedicated to assisting you. I believe in the goals and outcome of new forms of publishing, ebooks, self publishing, online-only magazines. They are changing the way we get books, what and how we read, and even the manner we support writers in the upcoming years.

But they’re so many, how can you know well enough what you’d get? I am writing my reviews for you to know what you can count on: there are actually many wonderful books out there, great writing, talented authors, whose work is by far and above expanding your horizons, enjoyable and fun, or making you think. This site is meant to assist your quest on finding your new favorite writers.

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