Off-Topic: The Story of an Internet Revolt

Off-Topic: The Story of an Internet Revolt
Off-Topic: The Story of an Internet Revolt by G.R. Reader

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Last year, HTTP error code 451 was proposed for Internet Censorship. In memoriam Ray Bradbury.

Censorship on the internet, making it into walled gardens, striking down free speech, as the internet spaces becomes silos of data and creative work, all property of corporations.

This book is the live document of what happened in the Goodreads community.

This book was removed a while ago from the GoodReads site itself. Some said it wasn’t “a real book”. That is was a story that was never told.

But the story wanted to be told. People stood up against removal of their words, arbitrary enforcements that remove your speech from sight, against the transformation of a site for booklovers in a site for marketing, against so called rules that enable unwanted thoughts to be struck down and no longer heard.

These are their words, the words of the reviewers and readers, including mine, as part of that community.

The story wanted to be told, and we listened. We put your words together, tied the pages, and made this collection of your words a document of the September/October 2013 protests of Goodreaders to censorship.

I’ve seen people and media ignoring the real extent of the deletions. This book will give you numbers and examples.
I’ve seen misunderstandings of why people object. This book will give you answers.

We have been told long ago, that the internet will become private yards, walled gardens from where only approved speech will be heard. Sooner or later, the private owner “curates” their space from unwanted speech.

When censorship came to GoodReads, this is what happened.

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Note: The book is available for free or for download fees, licensed Creative Commons in its entirety, so you can get yourself a copy.

Note #2: In his collection of community reviews, it looks like Mr. G.R. Reader has found around here and has included my review of The Art of War: Corporate Takeover of User Rights.

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